Top 10 H3H3 podcasts with highest like/dislike ratio

H3 Podcast #1 – Justin Roiland (Co-Creator of Rick & Morty)75.7
H3 Podcast #2 – PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg)67.6
H3 Podcast #3 – Vsauce (Michael Stevens)63.3
Justin Roiland Pepper Sprays Joey Salads in the Face63.2
H3 Podcast #8 – Markiplier & Ian Hecox (Smosh)55.3
Newlywed Game (Trish & Moses vs Ethan & Hila) – Frenemies #2055.3
Trisha’s Birthday Celebration – Frenemies # 3454.8
The Birth Of Our Son Theodore – H3 Podcast #12054.7
H3 Podcast #6 – Philip DeFranco53.2
Couples Therapy With Dr. Drew – Frenemies #752.7

H3H3 Productions gets (on average) 3 MILLION more views than H3H3’s podcast (on YouTube), but H3H3’s podcast has 267 YEARS more watch time

Taking every (publicly available) video from H3H3 Productions and comparing it to every video from H3H3 Podcast showed that the production videos get ~3 million more views than the podcast videos (~4 million vs ~1 million). That’s probably not all that surprising, given that the production videos are much shorter. However, when we look at the amount of time people have spent watching the videos (by multiplying the duration of each video by its number of views), it’s clear that far more time has been spent watching the podcast – 267 YEARS more, in fact (~370 years vs ~103 years).

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