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Rogan’s full-length episodes get ten times more views than his clips

Categorizing all 300+ Rogan videos into either a full podcast (>2000 seconds) or a clip (<2000 seconds) because of the bimodal distribution you can see below, it turns out that his full podcasts get (on average) TEN TIMES more views (9.2 million vs 941,000). Given the disparity, I’m wondering why he stopped posting his full-length podcasts.

Joe Rogan hasn’t posted any insanely long (full-length podcast) videos in 2021

2015 – 2020 have an interesting, nearly bi-modal distribution in episode lengths, with many episodes being much shorter (by Joe Rogan standards), and many incredibly long episodes (~5 hours). The really long videos are complete episodes (~3 hours), and the shorter videos are just clips (~10 minutes). He hasn’t posted any full length episode year-to-date. Listing longest and shortest episodes by year:

2013“Sink Into What You Are” with Duncan Trussell and Christopher Ryan (from Joe Rogan Experience #433​)Joe Rogan Watches GTAV DMT Trip (from Joe Rogan Experience #397​)
2014“Gold Diggers & Wounded Gazelle’s” with Greg Fitzsimmons (from Joe Rogan Experience #466​)“Weird Sex Stories” with Moshe Kasher (from Joe Rogan Experience #506​)
2015Joe Rogan Experience #606​ – Randall CarlsonJoe Rogan Experience #692​ – Jay Leno
2016Joe Rogan Experience #872​ – Graham Hancock & Randall CarlsonJon Jones – “I would party one week before every fight…”
2017Joe Rogan Experience #917​ – Steven CrowderThe Little Pill Moment – JRE Toon
2018Joe Rogan Experience #1140​ – Joey DiazK-Hole Moment – JRE Toon
2019Joe Rogan Experience #1255​ – Alex Jones Returns!Theo Von’s Magic Moment – JRE Toons
2020Joe Rogan Experience #1530​ – Duncan TrussellPinky And The Toe Moment – JRE Toons
2021Francis Ngannou Details Working in Sand mines at Age 10Joey Diaz’s Cemetery Moment – JRE Toons

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